My Mission:-

In life it makes sense to play to your strengths even as a young child I was always very observant seeing far more in 1 single glance than most everyone I knew ( it must be ADHD ) a bit of a butterfly though I flit constantly between tasks. But somehow I settle long enough to capture some interesting imagery the trick is to filter all that information creatively ......Now I try to use this to my advantage . A quick eye can capture unrepeatable moments for others to appreciate. This is why I decided to specialize in Travel photography it suits my natural style some would see as a disability but not ME!.

Now I travel to new destinations regularly to capture the varied landscapes, the fascinating diversity of the human race, the cultural differences and the architectual wonders like the Alhambra Palaces they are there to be explored and if you have'nt the time or the funds you can experience every step of the way with me!!

So my mission is to make available for everyone to enjoy these images with me Armchair Travellers! that's why I decided to use a Gallery format for a more pleasurable viewing experience than just a straight Stock Photos Library. And my new project will be to create slide shows movies of ... "Travel Destinations" to music a collection of "Pictorial Travel Guides" I have already acquired

My Influence:-

What was it that started this obsession? well I already had a sense of the importance of recording a moment in time. The simplicity in the act of clicking the camera shutter belie it’s influential effect. But David Fuentes photos ( see "Black & White" gallery ) made me see how artistic, informative and inspiring this medium is. Since then I have been experimenting, trying to capture beautiful moments! Times that tickle the inside of your soul and awaken a sense of contentment, that despite all that is wrong with the world or your personal life it just feels great to be alive. Sunshine, fiestas infectious laughter. I'm not looking for sensationalism and sadness ............It's amazing how resilient and adaptable the human race is. You see in the poorest of cultures it's not about riches or possessions it's far deeper than that lets concentrate on what's good and its mostly FREE!! ....see its how you view things and I do find beauty in the oddest of objects & subjects!

....... “Interesting Angles ........"Cloud Sculptures & Skies" what FUN!!

And..... “Life at La Vila Port” ... a Spanish working fishing port it's a fascinating place to spend time when the boats are coming in at the end of a long day at sea. To see how the sleeping port comes alive and bustling as the catches are wheeled into the auction house and the fisherman wait to see if their hard work has been rewarded.

Born and educated in UK I now spend a great deal of time in Spain. The flat I rent overlooks the marina and fishing port of Villajoyosa or if you speak Valenciano La Vila Joiyosa, the translation is the jewelled town, apt ode for such a colourful place it’s just perfect for observing life and of course enjoying "Fiestas".

In recent years I have spent time with David Waterman and Chris Weston two photographers I really respect and admire and learnt a lot from them too. And two photographers that have left lasting impressions on me for their dedication, patience and artistic interpretation Steve Bloom and Tim Flack they both explore the natural world in unique ways


The Impetus That Drives Me :-


My photography will always have certain limitations, but I think this actually heightens my sensitivity and to fully appreciate life from a different perspective. I have a spine injury, making it difficult to stand still or even sit for long periods. So every moment is precious to me as I am restricted in the hours that I need to lay down. Boring but necessary to reverse the effects of gravity and of course the weight of my head (there must be some grey matter up there or is it heavy oak??).........My impending trip to Africa is going to be a great challenge the breath of life to me now I hope to achieve seemingly impossible goals if I return with 1 absolute peach Wildlife image I will be over the moon ........OK so it could be frustrating and at times yes ........but for the most part I have learn't ways to deal with it .....and well!! .....

It's probably why I have crazy moments in my life.......Like when I took a flight to Mauratania ( west coast Sahara) on a whim to visit David who was working there...had to buy a standby one way ticket & worry about the rest later....I only have 3 photos that he took 2 of them below, and that's when you realise how important they are!!

The overly pink colour is from salt water the camera went overboard out at sea lucky David was a deep sea diver he was able to save our only photos. Now I take 2 cameras for good measure. This is Nouakchott


And then I know not many women would class being invited to go out on a fishing boat a fantastic opportunity but having checked if there was somewhere for me to lay down I was really excited." Aboard Cantal " Video & SLR cameras sporting freezer bags! 3.45am only other signs of life-alley cats doing the night patrol. Just one thing I forgot to ask until the moment arose! servicios?? hmmmm!! 3 crew members just covered their eyes and laughed (that'll be none then I gathered from that helpful sign) Anyway this led to probably the funniest and most embarrassing moment of my life. Then the most scary moment too and I have the war wounds to prove it too!! Mangled my hand on the boat chopped the top off my finger and smashed the bone luckily even though we were an hour out to sea La Vila hospital sewed it back on and it works fine now, it just points in the wrong direction but I'm grateful it points at all. The things we do to get the images!! but I would do it all over again a crazy yet brilliant oouch !! experience


The Seed Was Set :-


A chance meeting on a plane and I was encouraged to share my photography with you guys. And now how things have grown I've designed this new database driven site myself a sharp learning curve I must say. And a lifetimes work me thinks always evolving so it will never be finished

How did I come across the name "Shining Image Gallery" Well I think sunlight is our most important and powerful element to life. But the only time we can see the full strength embodied is via reflection off of a shiny smooth surface such as water, metal etc. and how I love this effect in photography

So that is how the name evolved, just in case you were wondering!

I have not had formal training why? are you kidding!! My life is too transient I have had to employ self teaching methods, my bookshelves are groaning under the weight. I have found too that reading a variety of authors allows your self expression to blossom. I also have no disipline when it comes to rules I usually have to question them sure I'll use them as a guide, but I've always been a rebel, and I do have a cause!!. Photography is not an exact science and being open minded is essential to developing your own style, of course we are influenced and inspired by other photographers we admire. I have spent time with well respected award winning photographers and they have told me my strength is I have a natural ability to compose a shot probably that comes from learning from other art forms. Life is a melting pot and so is photographic knowledge. But my advice to anyone starting out is don't get too bogged down intitially with technical jargon keep real keep the passion that drove you to the art. . So now all that is left is to invite you to please browse through the gallery and ENJOY!!!!


Current Equipment:-

Camera's ..... Nikon D700..... back up....NikonD300

Lenses ........Sigma 10-20mm ......Tamron 28-75 2.8f .......Tamron 90mm 2.8f macro ......Nikorr 18-200mm VR .........Tamron 28-300mm macro .......Nikorr 70-200mm 2.8f VR ........Nikorr 24-120 VR

Flash SB600

Teleconverters x2 & x3

Filters polarisers and 0.9 graduated

Portable storage Epson P4000 80gb

Camera Bags....... Lowerpro Stealth Reporter fantastic especially for safari's but here's the interesting one I am just as happy to use Cool Bags normally one inside another works just fine for last purchase from Asda £1.59

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