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All Destinations Info:-

Wikipedia ..........This site is one of my favourites for all destination & attraction information

Lonely Planet .......Of course another favourite

i-escape ........ This website lists good and bad points on hip hideaways boutique hotels and general information

Country/City Specific Info:-

Paris ......Official website

France in Photos ...... Photographs of Paris and other areas of France photo tips and a directory

Paris Info ....... Tours, accommodation, museums etc. asthetically well designed website

Discover France ........ Not a pretty site but I found the landmark information very interesting and informative


Camel Trekking .........I have not used this company but it looks like they arrange some interesting tours into the Sahara

Moroccan Photo Safari's .........I can thoroughly recommend this trip with David Waterman I went to Imilchil with David he has a wealth of knowledge on Morocco where and when to get the best light ....although he tried curing me of taking photos of everything that moved ...but don't think he succeded as I returned with 6000 images oooops

i-escape ........ This website lists good and bad points on hotels and riads and general information

Morocco.Com .......Okay if you can weed through all the advertisements I found it a bit annoying but also found some useful info


Cuba Travel Guides ...........Great site for pre-travel research or just to indulge in nostalgia after your trip because believe me Cuba stays with you it will capture your heart and never let it go. You will find all you need here links for Travel Guides / Films / Music the best resources

Cuba-Junky.........Comprehensive information on Cuba

Viazul ....... National bus service aimed mainly at tourists You can buy advance tickets before from the website But you must present the documentation at the bus station to get your ticket for the bus .....your luggage will be given a ticket keep hold of this as it could be difficult to claim without. Also be aware the luggage handlers expect a tip both ends of your journey. And take warm clothes inside the bus socks / fleece etc the air conditioning is freezing and no amount of requests to turn it down have any effect....otherwise the buses are comfortable and on time

Train Timetable ......This is an information page from Cuba Junky the No.1 from Havana to Santiago de Cuba takes president over other routes make sure you have spare time either end of journey .....the train is 4 hours faster only 12hours as opposed to 16hours by bus so worth considering

Cuba Pictures ....... Travelogues and photos


Go Madrid ....... Great information site detailing all the landmarks and attractions with historical and otherwise facts, Nightlife,Food & Wine,Hotels,Apartments,Hostels,Transport,Tours,Practicalities,Flamenco

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Photography:- Browse These Other Travel Photography Websites & General Photographic Communities & Associations


Profotos - All Photography. All The Time. - Art Links


Travel Photography Webring




Browse The Photography Network
Photography Directory by PhotoLinks  

Association Of Photographers .....UK based organisation with members worldwide, promotes photography, protects the rights of professional photographers, offers legal and business services, education and events, awards, exhibitions and publication

France in Photos ...... Photographs of Paris and other areas of France photo tips and a directory

Digital Camera Magazine ....... Skills and Downloads / Reader Portfolios / Forums / Competitions

Royal Photographic Society ( R P S ) ........ Membership is open to everyone interested in photography: be they amateur or professional, artist or scientist, young or old. As well as becoming a member of The Society itself, many members also Join one or more of the specialist Groups which concentrate more closely upon their chosen interests within the medium.

Stock Photo Agencies ...... Photo Libraries stock agencies listed directory

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Web Design :-

Web Design Services ..........Clare & Lynne ...designed my first website and supported me when handing over the maintenance. And so I've kept as much as possible to the very usuable outlay and graphic design they created when I was designing and creating this new asp. database driven site. They have a friendly yet professional approach and work closely with clients to acheive the best possible web and design solutions


GPI Solutions .....Doug Landers ... Doug came to my rescue and I am eternally grateful for the help he gave me. He provided me the asp. code to be able to change the header image on my galleries without this feature Shining Image Gallery would be like many other template based websites. The philosophy from the company is not to oversell and work with their clients


Web Hosting:-

Web Hosting By Arvixe

I have found this company to be very efficient with a fast response time and they provide good value packages

Web Browsing:-


My Favourite Browser Fast with great add ons open multiple tabs easily I work sometimes with 20 sites open at the same time "Save & quit" so you can open them all again next time ....Perfect if you are researching ..I Love it !!

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