The Agreement:- This is a legal and binding contract between the "purchaser" including their employer or end user client/customer of the purchaser and "Shining Image Gallery" (herein reffered to as "Gallery") Acting agent & representative for and on behalf of the photographers who have submitted their images to the Gallery for sale as Fine Art print (Simple single use) /Royalty Free or Restricted use licence for reproduction solely to purchasers/end users who agree these Terms & Conditions all users must agree to the "General Restrictions" proceed with the purchase you must have agreed to having read & understood all the facts set out in this agreement. It is your sole responsibility to read these Terms & Conditions fully NO rights whatsoever are assigned without consenting to the Terms & Conditions as set out below in this agreement.

Copyright & Right of Reproduction:- Copyright is non transferable and remains at all times with the artist photographer no illegal copying or reproduction is permissable. The Gallery will pursue any misuse of images displayed thereto or purchased through the website unless stated otherwise and permissions granted for specified purpose.

Licence Agreement:- Subject to the restrictions herein this agreement set forth between the Gallery and the said purchaser/end userunder whichever category that applies to intended use.

Single Use Simple Licence & Fine Art Print:- ( Single Use ) defined as personal use no reproduction and or sharing ( unless for educational purposes intention must be notified and agreed at time of purchase ). ( Fine Art Prints ) must be used solely for decorative display only and not to be copied or reproduced in any form whatsoever. They may be used in public frequented areas provided the said image/s is not displayed with any other text or additions other than it's original title or Credit to the photographer and/or Gallery. There must be no intention or attempt to advertise or promote an individual or business entity without Firstly seeking permission from the Gallery. Secondly accepting suitable restrictions ( as indicated later ) of licence regarding appropriate use. No deflamatory conotations and misuse of either the Gallery and/or photographer also and most importantly of any person or persons contained within the image/s. It is paramount at all times to appreciate the integrity & dignity of the subjects used in these images. Thirdly the appropriate remuneration must be paid either in full or in accordance with agency guidelines regarding business account settlements.

Royalty Free Licence:- Requires a one off payment according to file size to enable continual use of an image for reproduction providing "General Restrictions" as set out below are followed and these category specific conditions adhered to such as. For reproduction the print run must not exceed 250,000 units and/or the placement of the purchased image/s must not be Front Page position of any printed material be that In House, Editorial, Advertising, Book or Magazine Cover publications. If in doubt please contact the Gallery when a more appropriate licence can be agreed.

Restricted Licence:-This licence is granted solely for the purpose indicated at the time of purchase no further reproduction or use is permitted under this licence unless further notification and remuneration received in full or part thereof as agreed with the Gallery on behalf of the photographers represented. There may also be geographical restrictions which apply and these will be advised at time of purchase the purpose of which is to safeguard the teritorial integrity of similar business sectors.

General Restrictions:- The purchaser must satisfy themselves that in the case of the subject of an image being partially or wholly recognisable they may not be used in connection with or to endorse any product or service unless the subject has signed a release for ALL uses. Travel and these general Concepts are acceptable as long as the user is sensative to the original environment and context in which the candid material was photographed. The images in this Gallery are of REAL people in real situations they were recorded as a celebration of life and its emotions any uses within these boundries are acceptable providing all other restrictions as follows are accepted. . It is paramount at all times to appreciate and guard the integrity & dignity of the subjects used in these images.You may not use the image/s for sensative subjects. Sensative subjects include, without limitation topics that may depict the subject matter of an image in a negative or unfavourable light or subject to personal ridicule, and topics regarding all sexual issues, pornography, substance abuse,physical or mental abuse,alcohol, drugs, tobacco, AIDS, cancer, serious physical or mental ailments, or the disparagement of a person or product.........Purchasers/End Users are not permitted to reproduce or distribute copies of the image/s to others ( save as in educational purposes as set out above ) or under the guidelines of Royalty Free & Restricted Use Licences. The said image/s must not be shared in any form whatsoever. It is your responsiblity as purchaser to make all commercially viable efforts to safeguard the digital storage. When opened on a computer or similar device it may be viewed by others but not accessed by any other than yourself or a direct employee who is also binded by these restrictions which also apply to the purchasers employer client or customer and these terms & Conditions must be made available to them by the said purchaser. In the case that the purchaser no longer requires retention of the image it is a rquirement to delete it/them securely or return to the Gallery. In the case of Royalty Free Licence further download may be granted at the descretion of the Gallery and upon proof of paymentin the first instance.

Breach of Agreement:- Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully failure to comply without valid reason or due care and attention may result in legal action and consequent compensation. It may also be that you may be offered no further business within the sector of Stock Photography Agencies. Purchaser/End user must agree to indemnify "Shining Image Gallery" against any damages or liability of any kind arising from any use of image/s in breach of Terms & Conditions in this agreement and exonerate "Shining Image Gallery" of all responsiblity against the required restrictions of sale & licence being broken